Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thought For Today: Guard against Fear

Gandhi Quote of the day: The propagation of truth and nonviolence can be done less by books than by actually living on these principles.

Guard against Fear.What are you afraid of?What is your fear? To be afraid is to be mentally and emotionally disturbed in advance of an incident. What is the result of this state of mind? From a study of Mental Science above we have learned that to fear a thing is definitely to assist its coming to pass, which you must admit is an action of amazing stupidity. Another result of this state of mind is that you have decidedly reduced your powers of resistance.If I am to have a tough fight tomorrow morning, shall I sit up all night in fear and trembling and greet my adversary with hollow eyes and a wobbly fist? Or shall I sleep soundly and well, and arise in the pink of condition and ready to take on anything ? The reply is obvious.So, apply to your thoughts this test. Is my thought on this subject constructive or destructive? If it is constructive, take heart and go forward with renewed vigour, knowing positively that Almighty Power is with you. If it is destructive, take yourself in hand severely and change your thoughts. It will be difficult at first and you will be clumsy at it, but eventually constructive thought will become, in an everyday phrase, second nature to you.Now, when a problem is presented to you, bring your imagination into play at once. In your imagination see the job completed and the problem solved. That is the first thing to do. Why? Because by doing so you present to your subconscious mind a complete and detailed picture of what is wanted, and Universal Mind, the all-Powerful, will know exactly what is required and what must be done to bring that mental picture to materialisation.
Thoughts on the Mental Science by Emmet Fox.

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Martin Miller-Yianni said...

Light but heavy at the same time and music upligting at the end. A wonderful combination of senses put together.

Thank you for the exsperience.


I am copying this and reading it over and over and over. It is amazing to me how Gandhi can put this into perspective for me. So glad I stopped by and read this-was having a rough night and this stopped all that! Great post!