Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Action of Love

Gandhi Quote of the day:"It is beneath human dignity to lose one's individuality and become a mere cog in the machine."

Thought for today:Thich Nhat Hanh
"We all have the tendency to struggle in our bodies and in our minds. We believe that happiness is possible only in the future. The realization that we have already arrived, that we don't have to travel any further, that we are already here, can give us peace and joy. The conditions for our happiness are already sufficient. We only need to allow ourselves to be in the present moment, and we will be able to touch them. What are we looking for to be happy? Everything is already here. We do not need to put an object in front of us to run after, believing that until we get it, we cannot be happy. That object is always in the future, and we can never catch up to it. We are already in the Pure Land, the Kingdom of God. We only need to wake up and realize we are already here."

Thought for today II: Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. { Mother Teresa }

Hope you all have a sunny day. Fine Art and Jewelry.


John said...

Hi Laura..

Nice "thought" for the day from Mother Theresa..

I always say..

If you someone without a smile..

Lend them one of yours ;)

I wanted to spin by with a big "Thanks"..

You are one of my TOP 10 Droppers and I appreciate the traffic.

To return the favor and to say "Thank You"...

I just nominated you for the "TOP DROPPER AWARD"

Feel free to stop by, pick up your award and pass on some of your blogs good karma to "your" top two droppers :)

All The Best

ps:seriously.. "Way Kool Blog"

Michelle Gartner said...

Followed the link through entrecard and since I am quite the vintage jewelry junkie- I was enthralled with your designs. Your jewelry is beautiful. I like a lot of flash myself, crystals and rhinestones. I'll definitely be back. I put my link down since my main website is not on blogger.

I can be found here One of a Kind Wisconsin.

Pink Lemonade Boutique Bags said...

Wonderful thoughts to start my morning! Thanks for the inspiration!

barbjensen said...

I love thich nhat hanh. Thanks for the wonderful quote.

Laura Winslow Godsil said...

hanks to barbjenson and pink lemonade boutique for your comment. Hope you enjoy more in the future.