Friday, June 20, 2008

What is Truth?

For the next few days we'll study the meaning of truth as espoused by Mr. Gandhi in his writing of "The Gospel of Truth."

WHAT…is Truth? A difficult question; but I have solved it for myself by saying that it is what the voice within tells you. How then, you ask, [do] different people think of different and contrary truths? Well, seeing that the human mind works through innumerable media and that the evolution of the human mind is not the same for all, it follows that what may be truth for one may be untruth for another, and hence those who have made these experiments have come to the conclusion that there are certain conditions to be observed in making those experiments…

It is because we have at the present moment everybody claiming the right of conscience without going through any discipline whatsoever, and there is so much untruth being delivered to a bewildered world. All that I can in true humility present to you is that Truth is not to be found by anybody who has not got an abundant sense of humility. If you would swim on the bosom of the ocean of Truth, you must reduce yourself to a zero.


Truth and Love ahimsa is the only thing that counts. Where this is present, everything rights itself in the end. This is a law to which there is no exception.

A Buddhist meditation: "Follow the truth of the way.Reflect on it. Make it your own. live it.
It will always sustain you.Do not turn away what is given you. Nor reach out for which is given to others. Lest you disturb your quietness."

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Wendy, a Blithe Spirit said...

Your idea of truth is very idealistic. It applies, perhaps, when the voice within you whispers positives, but how does it work if the voice within you gives you the right to do bad things. Is that true direction? Is the bad act anything more than an unsavory truth in your life? Some truths are eternal no matter how one feels as an individual.

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Ranjeet Kr. Vimal said...

Mam, it really really tough to search "wt is truth".only the word 'GOD' is the real truth.