Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Prayer For The Living

Gandhi Quote of the day: "I do believe that all God's creatures have the right to live as much as we have.Instead of prescribing the killing of the so-called injurious fellow creatures of ours as a duty, if men of knowledge had devoted their gift to discovering ways of dealing with them otherwise than by killing them, we would be living in a world befitting our status as men--animals endowed with reason and the power of choosing between good and evil, right and wrong, violence and non violence, truth and non truth."[Gandhi]

Thoughts for today : by Ted Godsil
Live in your heart and grow old with peace as ruler of your world.

Thought for today II: An excerpt from The pain is in the living:

Birth is joy
Life is pain
Death is freedom

It's just a prayer for the living
He cried out for more light
It's just a prayer for the dying
He cried out loud one night

For all my Brothers
The pain is in the living
So alone with oneself.

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Sandpiper said...

I've been having fun exploring here. I love your artwork and jewelry. This is a really beautiful blog.