Friday, June 27, 2008

Gandhi On Religion

Gandhi On Religion:

Religion of Mahatma Gandhi
By Ranjit Chaudhari
THOUGH THE MEANING of religion in the Hindu concept of Dharma is not without complexities, Gandhi tried to make it broad enough to lend it a universal character. His idea of religion was not totally esoteric. He knew that every religion was connected with some belief system supported by rituals. He tried to get rid of the rituals as far as possible. To Gandhi religion was a human institution made by human ingenuity to solve practical affairs as well as spiritual matters.
His oft-quoted passages can be cited. He said "By religion, I do not mean formal religion, or customary religion, but that religion which underlies all religions, which brings us face to face with our Maker. It is the permanent element in human nature which counts no cost too great in order to find full expression and which leaves the soul utterly restless until it has found itself. Again, he observed : "Religion which takes no account of practical affairs and does not help to solve them, is no religion. He did not define religion in exact and definitive language. One of his attempts was to bring religion closer to common man. In that regard his was functional. But most of the times Gandhi felt that religion could not be understood without knowing its relation with God.

So what does religion mean to you. Have a sunny day. Fine Art and Gems.


Lucy Lopez said...

What a nice website you have! And Seal is just such a beautiful voice to listen silk!

I wonder though, if after the first minute or so, whether the music might be intrusive to a reader who wants to focus on the words??? I know it distracted me a little...

What is religion?

It is a system of beliefs, conventions/rules/laws and practices that has developed over a considerable period of time and in which the principle belief is in some form of power aka god. (Now I am really finding Edith Piaf distracting!!!). That's what it sort of means to me briefly.

To a degree, religion can be useful. It often does provide a framework for ethical living. Unfortunately, (and you've got the Blues as well..oh wow!)religion has often been used in oppressive rather than empowering ways by forcing subjugation to an external authority such as church/leader/god.

I am not saying that I believe god is external to us, rather that this is often what religious interpretations of god tend to be.

Thanks for a very pleasant selection of music :-)

Best wishes, Lucy


I have to say that I love Gandhi's definition and agree with it for the most part. Beautiful jewelry!