Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Lot Deeper Than The Blues

This goes a lot deeper than the blues.
It's a screaming head line on the nightly news.
They'll all wonder how he got to this point.
Was the explosion caused by a needle or joint.

No one knows his history.
No one cared for his pain.
Left alone and full of shame,
the explosion came.
Feel the pain.

Believe me it's a lot deeper than the blues.
Study the hopeless factors,learn the clues.
No need to wonder how or why,wake up or die.
So full of shame the explosion came, feel the pain.

Today's blog of the day is so full of interesting art sites, art, and photos that I need another day to explore the wonders. So if you want to be enthralled take a look at Lynda Lehmann's world. Have a sunny day.

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