Friday, May 23, 2008

God's View : by Ted Godsil

I love listening to artist talk. It reminds me of all night at the campfire during my miss spent youth. Far out man. That brings us to the blog of the day. This blog has thoughtful discourse and I say get to know Burnell Yow . Ideas are flying in and out of my mind all day, all night, while I'm falling asleep, and immediately as I wake. Ideas, I need to concentrate on just one. But with so many how do I choose. As I turn sixty this August you'd think my ideas would revolve around short term plans. But I have grandiose themes floating around my frontal lobe. Do you think there is any God software out there that I could plug into so all I'd have to do is think and presto idea becomes reality. Then later if my idea wasn't working out as planned I could just hit the delete button.Of course that could get quite messy I suppose. You know, there is a lot of what ifs involved. What if while I was playing God, and decide to delete an idea, what happens to the players in the idea? Are they lost in between worlds, dimensions, cyber space, a new order of ghosts for future ideas to deal with? This is getting complex. I guess being God is a lot of work. It's one thing to think an therefore creation is, and quite another to pre think all the possible outcomes of your thought. Perhaps being one of life's serfs and relying on faith for survival has its good points. Oh I'm having a new idea, it's a really good one. Sorry I can only deal with one idea at a time. Where is that delete button. AH there it is , see ya_click. Laura's jewelry can be procured at necklaces . Have a sunny day. Her paintings at Fine Art

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