Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thinking of George W.

Perhaps we should continue on with some more thoughts on thought. DO you think George W. lays in bed at night with his mind wandering all over the universe? Dreaming of his day and his plans and what to do about this or that. Do you think he shares his bed with his wife or are they just in it? Do you think these are long and cold December nights on Pennsylvania Avenue?
Do you think W. finds it hard to think? I mean have you ever seen him at a news conference when he's been asked a question that he doesn't have a prepared answer for? It seems like it's real painful for him to think. He stammers and says ah, ah, over and over and then stumbles through an answer filled with ahs that leaves you saying huh. This George W. a person can feel for. I mean he's obviously in pain, the circuits are overloaded, he's screaming get me out of here.
Then there's that other George W. You knowthat cocky, strutting, peacock George W. who lectures the world and uses all those annoying hand jestures to guide you down his road to ruin. So do you think W. lays awake at night thinking who should I be tommorow, stammering George or maybe I'll dazzle em with my cocky peacock act.
Do you think he lays there saying ah to himself? Maybe he needs help. Perhaps he needs the advice of a trusted friend. You know, someone who has George W. best interest at heart. Someone like Carl Rove or that troll who lives under the bridge over the Potomac, you know , Dick Cheney. The trinity is complete, the father, the son, and the unholy ghost.
Do you think George W. feels good about himself? Oh my, that's a thought for another day. God protect us while we digest this one.
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Have a sunny day.

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