Wednesday, December 19, 2007

King George W.

Todays jewelry,Tear Drops, reminds me of our cause and effect world. George W.--------Cause==w policys======Effect-------suffering=== pain and misery for millions. Are their any good guys out there? Lets see----Hmm----Iraqi leaders--------assholes, Iranian leaders-----Assholes, Russian leader----- asshole------Chinese leaders---- assholes, Bush and Cheney---------ASSHOLES!!! Perhaps I should find a softer word to describe these pillars of modern society. Lets see-------- I'm still thinking--------- How about socially challenged egomaniacal thumb suckers who are making us pay for their dark ages view of the world. Have you noticed that all of these guys are height challenged. They don't walk softly and as far as the big stick--well--- I'll let their wifes explain their shortcomings. Now let me ,oh yes Tear Drops, a lovely necklace that can be purchased on line at Have a sunny day.

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