Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm In The Tub

Lets tackle the age old battle of good verses evil. To be a positive force in the universe or a witty, sarcastic, yet negative force. Lets see,what's more fun to say? Lets all pray for George W. so he may recieve the wisdom and ability to lead our great nation into an uncertain future. Or is it more fun to say, what in the world is that brain dead moron living in the white house doing. When your at or near the bottom of the food chain it's more fun to nip at the heal of the bully at the top. But we must remember it's a cause and effect world out there and whatever energy we release could come around and smack us in the face. So am I brave or afraid, positive or negative, good or bad? Lets see, if I'm brave I'd write negative things about George W. but that might cause some bad effects to befall me. If I'm afraid I'd write positive things about George W. but what good would that do I'd hate myself. Good verses evil , positive or negative, what is the solution? Todays art can be seen at Have a sunny day

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