Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pour It Out

Ok jazz fans bring on the rock and roll. If that means anything in particular I'm not aware of it. I think I'll write a pile of sentences that have no connection other than the same fool put them all together. Already I have failed, not in my task at hand, but failed to purchase the ingredients for tonight's dinner which I was told was pasta, but I decided to switch to rice and anything that doesn't go with it.
You see when someone is lost and has no home to find it doesn't matter where he gets his hair cut. I hope this isn't to amusing because laughter could make me very unhappy. Could anyone answer me from Miami if I'm in New York? Why can I see the moon which is a few hundred thousand miles away but can't see Phoenix which is just over the horizon?Old yeller was my grandfather and he left his voice to the village newspaper. Since I'm closer to the end than the beginning I think I'll negotiate with the middle to rearrange the order of finish, or stand the beginning on it's head, or perhaps just go around the corner and start all over again!

Have a sunny day. Jewelry

God's View: by Ted Godsil

Pour it out Let it drain Be real Forget the pain

Pour it out Embrace the change Be real Reborn again
Live in your mind Open and safe From a world gone insane
Open real wide Allow peace to get a hold To gain control
To live in your heart TO grow old With peace as ruler of your world.

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