Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yesterday's Tears

Gandhi Quote of the day:"It is because we have at the present moment everybody claiming the right of conscience without going through any discipline whatsoever that there is so much untruth being delivered to a bewildered world."

Thought for today:Emmet Fox Speaks.

Yesterday's Tears
NEVER tell people about the fine thing you are going to do, but wait until you have done it, and then show them the completed article. Never point to an empty lot and say: "I am going to build a tower there"; but wait until the edifice is complete, and then if you like, say: "Look at the tower I have built." But when the tower is there it will not really be necessary to say anything at all, because it will speak for itself.
Talking about your plans before they have actually materialized, is the surest way to destroy them. It is a universal law of nature that the unborn child is protected from all contact with the world; in fact this is the real function of motherhood. Now the inspiration that comes to you is your child; you are its mother; and nature intends that you should protect and nourish that idea in secrecy and shelter, up to the moment when it is ready to emerge upon the material plane.
To chatter or boast about it is to expose it to the world and kill it. This applies to any new enterprise that you may be contemplating, as well as to a new idea. An important business deal, for instance, a large sale, the buying of a house, the forming of a partnership, should be protected in the same way. Don't discuss these things at the luncheon table, or anywhere else.
Keep your business to yourself. Of course it is quite permissible to consult experts, and to reveal your plan where it is absolutely necessary to do so. This is nourishing the idea, not exposing It. It is chatter, gossip, and boasting that are to be avoided. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.

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Ivanhoe said...

I just wanted to stop by to say that your jewelery is beautiful!

Silver Canyons said...

Hi wanted to let you know you have been awarded the Arte y Pico award!

Lucky Girl said...

I have to check in here all the time to see your latest quote of the day--the quotes from Gandhi are my favorites!
I tagged you for some technorati link love, please feel free to participate or ignore, whatever feels right to you. http://luckygirltrading.blogspot.com/2008/08/spread-blog-love.html

Laura Winslow Godsil said...

@ Thank you ivanhoe.

@ Thank you silver canyons for the award nomination.

@ And great thanks for the recognition from lucky girl.
Thank you all and have a sunny dat.

Robin Easton said...

This Gandhi quote is one for my wall. It is fantastic. My first thought was that it applies right now...today. I have never heard this truth worded so well if at all. I LOVE this quote.

I also read with great interest the post. I really "wowed" over the part about building a tower and how once it's done you won't need to say anything. Great analogy. Powerful message there.